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21 other ministry bloggers and I will be doing a Orange week. During the 7 days of Orange Week, all 22 of us will be talking about how can the Home (Red) and Church (Yellow) play well together in order to make a bigger and lasting impact on our students.

Orange Week::Thinking Orange

21 ministry bloggers and I will participate in Orange week.  During the 7 days of Orange Week,  all 22 of us will communicate how the Home (Red) and Church (Yellow) play well together in order to make a bigger and lasting impact on our students.

In my Orange Week contribution, I will be asking one central question:

How can a student pastor start thinking about being an Orange student leader?

Orange believes that the family of God (the church) must collaborate with the family.  In Think Orange, Reggie Joiner says:  Both the Church and the home are comprised of broken, imperfect people through whom God has chosen to tell his story.

Orange student leaders start by asking these questions:  How can student ministries across the nation build and sustain a sticky student ministry team?  Faithfully communicate Biblical truths to students? Persistently partner with parents? Recruit leaders to mentor student? How can the family ministry team play well together? Become more integrated in the church?  Be more pro-family culture?  Get students to serve? Make church wide event/activities/traditions involve students?

In my assessment and experience, student pastors have a very difficult time playing well with other ministries and ministry leaders.  We tend to like to be loners and isolate our student ministry from the church body.  Student ministries are the black sheep in church.  We always have the answer and we stroll into staff meeting late drinking our starbucks.

I strongly believe the future of the church requires student ministries to become more integrated and aligned with the bigger church body.  This alignment will make it way more easier for the family, church staff, church members, the church calendar, and more importantly the church facility.

4 Ways To Start Drinking the Orange Juice (coined by Chad Swanzy):

1.  Write down 5 thing you love about the preschool and kids ministry at your church.  After you wrote down 5 things, go tell the preschool and kids ministry leaders why you love what they do.

2.  Think about going to the 2011 Orange Conference.   Heck even try to invite your senior pastor, children’s pastor, and family pastor.  If you are a student pastor who is attending Orange, please contact me here.

3.  Consider buying these books:  Think Orange & The Orange Leader Handbook. These are books that you can actually read.  They are helpful, practical, and insightful.

4. In the next week visit these ministry bloggers who will be talking about what it means to Think Orange:

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