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Dawkin’s Delusion

Oxford professor Richard Dawkins has helped steer evolutionary science into the 21st century. Dawkins uses wit, rhetorical strategies, and “scientific” evidence to combat the so called “theory of Design Intelligence (ID)” while he strongly advocates for Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Dawkins is a popular spokesperson for the Atheist campaign. He sees that atheists are evolutionists. Dawkin’s speaks very highly of Darwin in his book of: The God Delusion. I would argue Dawkin’s is the poster boy for atheism and evolution.

Dawkin’s combats creationists by arguing that this “theory” lacks any scientific evidence. He suggests we are not use to critiquing religious ideas because the religious ideas are somehow scared and holy. Religion is corrosive to science. Religion teaches faith and revelation and not evidence. Essentially Dawkin’s argues hard that religious people are naive and lack educational ability. He reports that the National Academy of Sciences (EJ Larson & I. Witham, 1998, Leading scientists still reject God, Nature 394, 313) polled America’s top scientist and only 7% of them claimed to be theist, while 72% where atheist.

The only agreement Dawkins has with creationists is that evolution is hostile towards religion. Dawkin’s boldly and proudly states: if I were a Christian I would be scared of the positive power that scientists are developing within the evolution theory. Dawkin’s assures the public that if a student is exposed to evolution, in science class, that he or she will not turn into a drug dealer.

Dawkin’s wants to rock the boat. Dawkin’s wants to attack religion as a whole. When President Bush was asked about his position on Atheists in America, he stated: atheists cannot be considered as patriotic citizens because we are one nation under God. Thomas Jefferson stated that “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.” In the UK, the ten pound bill has a picture of Darwin, while the American dollar has inscribed “In God we trust.” Dawkin’s wants atheism to have an agenda that is accepted and positive.

In practice what is an atheist? An atheist is just somebody who feels about Yahweh, the way any Christian would feel about the other gods. Dawkin’s states: “We are all atheist about all of the gods, however some of us just go a God further.” The perception of atheism has a very negative connotation within America. The second largest group in the US are: nonreligious or atheist. The first largest group is Christians. Dawkin’s does not want quantity, but quality. Therefore, Dawkin’s is arguing that there needs to be a destruction to the myth that atheist are bad people.

So what do we as Christian do with this Oxford professor who is appearing to be a threat to Christianity? Do we pray for him? Do we revolt against him?

We simply learn his rhetoric, message, methodology, and content. The bottom line is that if you disprove God, then one is admitting God exists. Essentially you cannot disprove God. I suggest we learn Dawkin’s message and claims against Christianity. Dawkin’s has his story and negative perception to why he does not believe in Christ. So I think it is essential we learn how to answer the questions he is claiming against Christianity. It is essential we do not feel scared, but encouraged by Dawkin’s message. Dawkin’s has a media platform, which means there will be an increase of following. We must know Dawkin’s message inside and out in order to withstand the combating of the Dawkin’s message and it followers. We need to take the message of the God Delusion and make it a true and real God illusion.

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