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The Four Principles of Youth Ministry Discipleship

What are the principles that guide your youth ministry discipleship programs or youth small group?

I argue that these four Principles of Youth Ministry Discipleship must be present:

  1. Kids must be lead from where they start. Our task is to get these students in position to have a relationship with Christ. You start with where they are at, not with where you are at. Design programs that hit at both the real and felt needs of the students.
  2. Discipleship must come from the inside out. If you do not change the heart, there is no point. Discipleship comes from the heart and manifest it from the heart. How do you develop passion? Put them in the environment of WONDER and EXPERIENCE. Wonder is about outside of me. Without wonder you cannot have passion. Cannot experience passion, without being open. Wonder is connected with God and produces in the soul a sense of AWE. Life is far bigger than me. The Holy Spirit is the spark to the wonder and AWE. The Holy Spirit longs to be sparked. We provide wonder (outside of myself) and spark (Holy Spirit) we have potential to create passion within the students for Christ.
  3. There must be an overall commitment to connecting the students to the community of faith. Spiritual growth does not take part away from the entire Church body.
  4. Spiritual disciplines are essential to the development of the spiritual journey. It is not about performing the Christian disciplines. It is about being so in love with Jesus that you want to spend every single moment with Him. Spiritual disciplines are a natural desire to connect with God.

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