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Connecting churches with youth pastor candidates and connecting youth pastor candidates with churches

Youth Ministry Job Openings: Connecting Churches With Youth Pastor Candidates

I am officially and publicly making myself available to help churches find the right peeps for their youth ministry position openings and connect youth worker candidates with current youth ministry openings.  I have been getting a lot of inquires regarding: How can I become a youth pastor?  How can our church find a family ministry and missional minded youth worker?  What are some qualifications to become a youth pastor? What does it take to get hired by a church? Do you know of any churches looking to a hire a youth pastor?

So I thought it was time to develop an online application process and a confidential database of churches and youth pastors that were looking.

This is what I am willing to do for youth pastor candidates and churches:  

–  Connect a church with a youth pastor candidate and connect youth pastor candidates with churches

–  Evaluate and assess each youth pastor candidate

–  Help candidates craft resume and youth ministry philosophy

–  Compile a confidential database of: 1)  churches seeking to fill a youth ministry position and 2) youth ministry candidates that are seeking to work at a church


Youth Pastor Candidate Application Process

If God is calling you to become a youth pastor at a church, then you will need to complete these tasks:
– Contact Information including an Individual Photo
– Resume
– References from Pastor, Friend/Peer/Co-worker
– Written Testimony & Calling Essay
– Marriage & Family/Individual Questionnaire
– Theology, Core Values, and Pastoral Theology Questionnaire
– Youth Ministry Philosophy Questionnaire
– Personality Profiles
– Preaching/Teaching Sample
– Phone Interview(s)


Church Application Process

If your church is looking for a youth pastor, then you will need to complete these task:
–  Fill out church profile questionnaire
–  Submit youth ministry job description
–  Connect via phone or email

If you are wanting to begin one of these processes, please Email Me or contact me to begin the application process.

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